Saturday, 31 March 2012

Subtle Vintage Floral Design

'Vintage' must be one of the most over used phases of our time, whether used to describe clothes, food or decor it seems a blanket phrase. But what does it actually mean?
According to the Oxford dictionary it means 'a time of origin,old fashioned, dated' I don't think that helps much!
So it got me thinking what is 'Vintage' when it comes to weddings? It is not just about birdcages and jam jars. I think it is the best of what a wedding symbolizes. When two people decide to get married, I am often struck by how much the families are involved too. It is not just about two people leaving two separate lives to start a new one together, it is also about two families joining, and in a sense leaving their family to start a new one of their own.
With that in mind, the current ideas of reusing family treasures is so appropriate. Whether it be a broach your mother has given you on your bouquet, bunting made from your old dresses, curtains, mothers bits and bobs or a suitcase your Grand Father had. To include elements from the past at the start of your new life is not only touching, but also makes the day so much more personal.

Todays bride. Jade, captured 'Vintage chic' in a beautiful and subtle way. From the gorgeous lace flowers her mother made for the bouquets to the personalized wedding CD's, she thought of all the small touches that go to make a wedding very special, without being tempted to over do any of the details. Everything was understated and yet showed a lot of thought! Plus I imagine she looked stunning! A beautiful dress and a beautiful bride!!
It also helped that Jade and Matt married at Up Waltham Barns which,especially now, with all the tulips and daffodils out looked so pretty today.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Wedding Flowers Workshop

I had a wonderful morning on Saturday, talking about my favorite subject, wedding flowers!! As we sat in the sunshine, I talked to some lovely ladies on the timings, ordering and themes of wedding flowers.

Though all of them were very capable florists, it was a great opportunity to share with them some of things I have learnt over the last twenty years and also to get their feedback!

After a lot of chat and a quick demo from me, we spent the last hour or two wiring corsages and buttonholes. An art, that if time is on your side, is a wonderfully relaxing and creative thing to do! And  one I think most florists will agree is the most challenging part of wedding floristry!