Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wedding Bouquet

The star of the show or an accessory to your dress?

Well as a florist of course I am going to say your wedding bouquet is the star of the show.  But in reality, the answer is that both bouquet and wedding dress take centre stage.

Your wedding bouquet is the most important part of your wedding flowers.
 It should encapsulate all the elements of your flowers, but most importantly it should be something you love.  After all, it will feature in all your wedding photos, and it may be the first thing your guests see.
So, don't comprise.  Choose flowers you love and adore.

When you start planning your wedding flowers one of the best ways to discover what you like is to collect  pictures of bouquets to create a picture board.  If you haven't discovered Pintrest yet, do try it - it contains thousands of beautiful pictures for you to collect.  You'll be attracted to some pictures because of the shape of the bouquet.  For others, it will be colours or the mix of flowers.  Don't worry about the final outcome - just keep collecting those pictures and slowly you will discover certain things reoccur.
And it's this that will help you decide on your flowers.

Once you have decided the elements you want to include, think about the shape. And this is where your dress comes in. Hand tied bouquets have been very popular over the last few years, and for good reason.
They are easy to hold, look good at any angle, but if your dress is fitted with alot of detail around the waist or bodice then this could be hidden by a hand tied bouquet.  If that's the case you may feel that a trailing bouquet would be more suitable.

One of the great floral trends in recent years has focused on keeping it seasona.  Or, in other words, make the most of the time of year you get married.  If it's spring think of lilac, bluebells, hellebores and narcissi.  In autumn, use blackberries, hydrangeas and scabious.  On a personal note, I got married in June purely because I love summer flowers.  I could think of nothing I would love more than to walk down the aisle with a bunch of peonies, sweet peas and roses.

Whatever you decide, as a florist, I want every bride to love the flowers she carries.  That's why it's so important for you to collect lots of pictures, examples and ideas.  that way  you will a wonderful bouquet for you to cherish as you take a big breath and walk up the aisle to meet the man you will spend the rest of your life with.